Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a new drug

So I asked my doctor for progesterone and ... she prescribed it! Wonders will never cease when it comes to Dr. C. Why in the world I couldn't get a fertility specialist to test me for progesterone, I will never understand. Oh wait, I do: it's all about the money.

I'll be taking crinone gel. Please tell me you've heard wonderful things about this stuff and any tips/tricks you know when it comes to using it.

Meanwhile the battle of the bulge continues and I've embarked on the Paleo Diet. I know -- so obnoxious. It's one of the most restrictive diets I've been on, since it doesn't allow most dairy, legumes, or any grains. But after a lot of reading, I believe there is actually a significant amount of scientific evidence that backs up this way of eating.

And, there's also a butt-ton of evidence that the American government can't be trusted when it comes to what we should eat. Their food recommendations are always going to be tainted by the whispers of food lobbyists, who need us to keep eating corn syrup and getting cancer so they can make a lot of money.

Aside from all that, I'm just trying to relax. As the infertiles are constantly commanded to do. I should probably stop reading blogs, in that case. Today I read a blog written by an apparently fertile woman who was telling the quaint and adorable story of how she found out she was pregnant. This happens frequently. I read a blogger when she's single. Then I read about her wedding plans. And then I know it's coming ... she gets pregnant. Life keeps chugging along for some and stalls for others.

And then I read another blog by an infertile who finally had a kid after three IVFs, and her message of the day was basically: Don't sit on your hands. Make this happen for yourself. It's not how you imagined it was going to be, but you're going to have to accept that and start getting pushy with your doctors if you want this to happen.

It really rang true with me, since I do feel like I've sat on my hands quite a bit, waiting for a miracle. Thankfully, I started facing reality after the last miscarriage. Hence the battery of tests, and now the progesterone. I really only plan to give progesterone one or two cycles before I move on to something with a little more oomph. Time only moves forward and it's time to un-stall this process.


  1. How's Paleo going? I just started it too. I'm on day 2. Yesterday was ugggly. I was fine up until bed time, when I proceeded to have a temper tantrum and start crying because my husband was like, we need to make sure we get lots of veggies in and not just meat. Um...sugar addict crashing? I think so. I just started documenting my TTC journey and will soon probably announce Paleo, over on my youtube channel...if you're interested in chatting, you can catch me there :)

    1. I gotta admit ... Paleo is not easy. I've been getting a little desperate this week because I hate a lot of the recipes. I just don't really like a lot of meat ... and meat on the bone, with skin is even worse. I just need something that tastes good. And then not being able to eat a lot of fruit to get that sweet kick is sort of torture (Lara bars are good if you're looking for something paleo-friendly that's semi-dessert-like, but easy to overeat). I've been daydreaming about potato chips and donuts, and I barely ever eat either of those. Just goes to show I'm an addict. I'm watching your video right now! Will be leaving a comment there, too. :)

  2. We are in such a similar place in our paths right now that it's crazy! Paleo, acupuncture, TCM, assaulting the doctor for more testing... ;)

    We can make this happen!! XOXO