Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Waiting for the Flood

It has now been 48 days since my last period.

Longer than Noah was out at sea.

Longer than Jesus was in the desert.

Longer than "The Playboy Club" was on the air.

I'm not pregnant. I've taken several tests and each one has glared at me with a single line.

I would like to say this is unusual, but it really isn't. I have had cycles that have been longer, though not by much. I was getting hopeful though that things were getting more normal. The six to eight cycles before this one were average, or even on the short side. I felt I was finally getting a handle on exactly what was going on, and when. And with the new progesterone development? I was actually starting to get my hopes up!

Now this.

If this doesn't prove that my body is just messing with me, I don't know what does.

If only I could trade it in for another model. You know, one with a working reproductive system.

Oh, and maybe longer legs.


  1. Ugggghhh, that is a really long cycle. How are you feeling on the progesterone?

  2. I'm kind of new in this whole business, so I don't really know what is up and why you are taking progesterone. But it sounds a bit familiar, my cycles were normal and then one month nothing happend, and it ended up being a +60 days cycle. Apparently, that had to do with my thyroid problems (Hashimoto disease). Do you have thyroid problems as well?

  3. LOL! I often tell my husband that I would like to trade my reproductive system in for a new model. One that is completely functional and has all the basic equipment. Sorry you are having such a miserably long cycle! Hopefully AF will visit you soon.

  4. Urgh. AF is such a bitch.
    You know the problem with new models? They lose, like, half their value the second you drive off the lot.
    (OK I seriously don't know where I was going with that. ahh well)

  5. Erin: I can't start the Prog until my next cycle. Which started today. Finally. With a bang.

    Brooke: I have been on thyroid meds before, but there is no serious problem.