Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eventually I'll stop talking about miscarriage. Not today, obviously.

Here I am to pour another cup of cheer into your day by talking about miscarriage! Ho, boy. I am a real hoot to be around these days.

Honestly, this is a good day, if you don't count how I almost cried while I was taking a walk this morning. Which: I have kind of come to accept that I am basically going to cry every day for essentially no reason, so it is what it is. I was listening to a song that made me ... happy and sad at the same time, so I got all teary-eyed.

I finally got my period! Again! Continued proof that life is cruel and disgusting; am I right? These post-miscarriage periods are real doozies, lemme tell you. I'll be sitting quietly, and, well ... you recall the scene from The Shining when the blood pours out of the elevators? That is essentially what is happening in my pants. I have bled through almost every pair of pants I own. I sprint for the bathroom. I want to yell: Clear the decks! Hoist the mainsail!

Don't ask me why you would hoist the mainsail. I know nothing about boats and/or sailing. Maybe instead I should yell: Stop the presses! Seeing as how my background is in journalism and I feel the unwise need to tell you every time I buy a new box of tampons.

I think my friends are coming up for air after the miscarriage. It's like the dust has cleared and they're creeping carefully out of the bomb shelter to see if it's safe to venture out. A few friends have surprised me this week by reiterating to me how sorry they are for what happened. They are telling me they're not sure they made it clear early on. Believe me, they made it clear in the beginning. There's no way to properly express your horror or grief about things like that, honestly. When these things happen, it makes us all helpless. All we can do is stand together.

I have very good friends. They are over-thinkers (as I am). Perhaps most women are. I'll return home from a gathering and replay each conversation I had with each woman, turning each word and each raised eyebrow over in my mind to make sure nothing was misconstrued and there's no possibility that anyone had their feelings hurt. I can't tell you how many times I and my friends have spoken later and said: You know that time we were talking? I didn't mean this and I hope you didn't take it like that.

Maybe my friends are just worried about their reactions to the miscarriage because I won't shut up about it. Consider this my very public journal. I keep a journal, normally. I kept one during the pregnancy, and when I miscarried I wrote: Having a miscarriage.

That was it. There was something about putting ink on paper ... I didn't want to literally spell it out there. That journal is for my secret, innermost, darkest thoughts, and I haven't as of yet been able to talk to even myself about that.

I feel sorry for my friends, in a way. Especially the pregnant ones (because of survivor guilt). They don't want to mention the miscarriage and they don't want to ignore it. They've got to touch on the topic to show they care but they don't want to make me feel like shit, either. The ones who know but weren't technically in-the-know because other people told them assume that I don't know they know (confused yet?) -- I see the wheels turning behind their eyes -- they're searching their minds frantically for cheerful things to discuss. They pity me and treat me kindly, and I'll take that, for now.


  1. Hi. Remember me? I used to start my comments by saying "I'm Lisa, and I'm infertile". Well, I'm currently miscarrying, myself.

    Three years after stopping infertility treatments, somehow I found myself miraculously pregnant. (and now I'm crying).

    It was a miracle. Literally. And now, 8 weeks in, I'm having the slowest miscarriage ever.

    It's very cruel, if I were to be honest. When I was part of infertility support groups, I always thought that it was better that I couldn't even get pregnant, thank g-d I wasn't one of those that kept having miscarriages. Ha. That bit me in my fat ass.

    I haven't blogged about this yet, I'm sort of just jotting down bitchy notes of things I'd like to say.

    But... I wanted to thank you for blogging today, and giving me a place to vent.

  2. Lisa - God, that fucking sucks. I am so very sorry. What in the hell ... Life really makes you wonder sometimes. I will truly never understand why some things happen the way they do. I'll be thinking of you lots today.

  3. Lisa, of course we remember you! I can't tell you how terribly sorry I am for your loss. Sending you love and prayers.

    Erin, you know I love and your honesty. I really hope for a day when you have a chubby baby in your arms and all this pain is a faded memory.

  4. You do NOT need to get over this on anyone's timeline but yours. And cry all you want. We'll still be here.

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