Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I think one of the hardest things to remember when dealing with infertility is to keep your sense of humor; if not about being infertile, at least in general. Luckily, I have my husband to remind me.

I came home from having brunch with some friends yesterday, one of whom recently had a baby, and is now having a miserable time breastfeeding. No, not miserable, misery would probably be a step up from what my poor friend is suffering. I was telling Ryan about what was going on, and he asked why she doesn't just switch to formula. "Well," I said, "I guess it's like me not wanting to give up on the pregnancy thing. My body is SUPPOSED to do this. It's SUPPOSED to be an intergral part of who I am as a woman."

Ryan nodded, and took that in. Then, he spoke: "Why don't you let her use your boobs then and you can borrow her uterus?"

Damn, I love that man.


  1. We're going through IVF, and the other day as we were putting up our christmas tree my husband yelled, "omg it's artificial just like our babies are going to be!"

    I have a sense of humor about it all maybe 5% of the time, but that 5% is what keeps me sane.

  2. hahahahh... I wish we could all trade body parts as needed! That'd be rad. I was thinking recently about how so many women have such difficulty with breastfeeding and wondering why in the world it's not easier? Your body is supposed to do it -- why doesn't it just automatically do it?! I'm sure if I ever manage to have a kid this will be a huge problem for me.