Wednesday, July 25, 2012

please hold

Hurry up and wait is the order of the hour. It's a good news/weird news week.

For starters, my OB (the bitch with a capital C) is leaving the medical group I go to so she can be a full time mommy. How nice for her. That sentence wasn't dripping with acidic sarcasm. In opposite land.

Anyway, it's fine, because as I say, she's a total cuntwozzle and I am just gonna pick a different OB in the same practice. Probably.

Probably, because yesterday my husband's old company acquired his new company, and our insurance is going to change. Things can only get better in that department -- nothing can be worse than "We're sorry your vagina doesn't work, now here is zero dollars to help with that."

So in anticipation of better coverage, I canceled a physical I'd scheduled at the fertility clinic on Tuesday, along with a round of blood tests that would have cost a couple grand. I'm OK with waiting another month or so.

In other fertility clinic news, they keep having this ignoramous call me and tell me things, when she clearly has no idea what she's talking about. It's becoming grating. She called Monday to tell me one of the doctors says two miscarriages in a row does not equal "a pattern of miscarriages." In their world, perhaps. Anyway, because of that, they do not feel any additional testing is warranted. I didn't argue with her because as I said, she knows nothing. I'd planned to attack the NP doing my physical for information yesterday, but that'll have to wait.

Finally, I pored over Making Babies and upped my vitamin intake to the level the book recommends. I will probably ovulate this cycle, despite the miscarriage, if the CM I'm seeing is any indication. I'm seeing more than normal, and I can only attribute this to the vitamins. I'm taking a lot more folic acid, and I've added vitamin C, NAC, and coQ10 to the mix.

The ignoramous on the phone says they don't generally recommend trying to conceive again directly following a miscarriage blah blah I've heard it all before. I wonder if three miscarriages equals a pattern? Hm. I'm not interested in finding out but I also wonder if it's possible two miscarriages in a row really isn't a pattern and there's maybe nothing wrong with me. I can clearly get pregnant; staying pregnant is the trick. I'm still losing tiny bits of weight at a time and am down about ten pounds, so hopefully that helps whatever might be jacking me up.

In any case, that's what's up right now. There probably won't be much to report until we get the insurance thing worked out. Til then!


  1. Cuntwozzle may be my new favorite word.

    Yay for new insurance. I sure wish we could get something new, our current choices are bad and inexpensive, vs. bad and expensive.

  2. I think the (uninspired medical) idea is that two points make a line, but three make a pattern. Not that you shouldn't feel shitty and sad about the two... I think medically they just look at statistics for a lot of these things. For example, you are "advanced maternal age", or my favorite, "elderly primip", (with all the awesomeness that brings), if you are thirty-five, and you are slightly high-risk no matter what your health/other circumstances are. In this case, this probably means that the statistics are on your side as far as the number of women that have two miscarriages and then go on to carry the next to term. (I have two good friends that had that exact thing happen to them -- two in a row, followed by healthy term pregnancies). That doesn't mean the idiot should call you and say irritating things to you, or that you shouldn't feel however you feel. I also want to say that qualifying pregnancy with anything, especially "chemical", diminishes it, and that pisses me off. I'm totally with you on that. Anyone who says "disintegration" should be punched in the mouth.