Thursday, July 7, 2011


A word of advice: The words “bowel prep” are not your friends.

As part of pre-op, today (Wednesday) included a light breakfast, a clear liquid diet and three enemas. Other than the day-long ban on caffeine, the enemas were clearly my favorite part.

I think I asked everyone I spoke with today if they’ve ever had an enema. I called my friend, who used to be a nurse, twice for advice on self-administering the thing.

But I still never felt I quite got the hang of it, so I’m hoping the results are good enough for surgery work.

Other than that, today was just a mad rush to get things done. Nothing like a long to-do list to keep the mind occupied.


  1. Thinking positive thoughts!

  2. Thinking of you! I know it will go well!

  3. Hope you're doing better and that everything went well!

  4. I only had to drink a salty soda drink and sit on the toilet for six hours. I prefer that to the enema.