Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Next 3 Months

Let’s be real. I’m not going to promise to give up caffeine or alcohol. And I can’t guarantee I’ll remember to take my vitamins every day.

But just because I can’t manage to do it right all the time, doesn’t mean I can’t do better. When it comes to my health, I know I can do better.

One idea I really liked from the “Making Babies” book was to think of the three-month program as a premester – the very first trimester.

But honestly, I don’t like focusing on making my body “baby ready.” As exciting as pregnancy would be, having it as a goal is kind of a downer. I would rather think about making my body healthy and strong and “life ready.”

Regardless of whether I have a baby, I do have a life and I have this body for living it.

Lucky for me, this Saturday, October 1st, is the perfect time to start a new premester. We have exactly three months left in the year, three months to prepare for 2012.

It’s actually a little bit thrilling to think about the next 13 weeks as wide open space for making dreams come true.

What do you want to accomplish before the year comes to an end and the next one begins?


  1. Ditto on wanting to make our bodies healthy and strong and "life ready" rather than "baby ready." I have 1 son who's almost 3 and for the first 2 years of his life I didn't stress about dropping the pounds I put on during pregnancy- I kept saying "when I get pregnant again I'll just gain the weight back so what's the point." Flash forward through 21 months of TTC #2 and I finally realized that I need to make my body healthy for ME, NOW. Have spent the past 3 months making healthier choices and exercising consistently- have lost weight, and feel healthy.

    Cheers to being "life ready."!

  2. Cheers to you, Emskyrooney! I love success stories!

    Trisha, yes, exercise is on my list, too!