Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Here's my BBT chart this cycle ...

That spike actually happened on Day 20 but I messed up the chart, so yeah.

The Machine said my LH surged on Day 14, but I didn't get a temperature spike until Day 20. It makes me wonder if I am ovulating at all this cycle, and if I am if I'm ovulating a cruddy egg.

It's annoying.

Anyway. My order of Pregnitude (or as it shall henceforth be known, The Supplement That Shall Not Be Named) is due to arrive Thursday, and I'm sort of excited to see what it will do for me. It's supposed to improve egg quality, help induce ovulation, and help you lose weight.

Here's a link to an interesting post on myo-inositol, the active ingredient in TSTSNBN. Tell me what you think ...

**update** fertility friend thinks I ovulated on Day 17. This is in direct conflict with what Making Babies says, which is that ovulation has occurred once your temperature jumps at least .4 degrees higher than the highest temperature over the previous six days. That only appears to have happened on Day 19. Today's temp fell back down to 98.2.


  1. Okay, okay, I know I said that we are done. And we are. But the minute I read pregnitude I had to go check it out and my first thought was "maybe this will work!"

    I am transferring that hope from my uterus to yours.

  2. From my -- admittedly foggy -- memory, I agree with your fertility friend. My chart looked something like that when I was tracking it, and when I looked back after I found out I was preggo with Sean, I was able to determine that (if your chart were mine), we did the jungle boogie on days 16, 17, and 18. Boy child was likely conceived on day 17.

    My chart followed the one in "How to choose the sex of your baby" (I know, how Asian am I?), and included cells for CM observations and whether we had sex. I remember choosing this particular book because it had several sections on how to interpret your charts and lots of examples.