Wednesday, December 19, 2012

getting the ball rolling

What's that saying? The one about how if you have a problem with everyone, maybe you're the problem? After all, the common denominator is you.

I don't have a problem with everyone, but I do have a problem with most doctors. I've only ever had one doctor who helped me out. This was probably six years ago now, when I thought I was having panic attacks. She ran every test under the sun, and the results were super helpful. Turns out I wasn't having panic attacks; my heart is just a little jacked. Unfortunately, that doctor closed her practice.

I just saw a new doctor, and ... I am afraid to get my hopes up, you guys. I went in with my 7-page infertility questionnaire, told her it'd been over two years and two miscarriages, and said I wasn't interested in hearing about how I needed to have a third miscarriage in order for her to be concerned. She told me she wouldn't have said that, anyway. This may have to do with me being 34 years old now.

She is running 19 tests. Many of them are specifically for the repeated miscarriages. 

And she's running the progesterone test, guys. Why has it taken me this long to find a doctor who would run a series of progesterone tests? I've always suspected progesterone was the issue.

I'll also get a heart check-up to make sure I'm OK to actually carry a child since it puts stress on the heart.

Of course, I need to wait for the start of the next cycle before I can do any of these tests. Many of them need to be taken on Day 3 of my cycle. And when do you suppose Day 3 is projected to fall for me, since my cycle has been spot-on for the last several months? That's right. Christmas Day. This Murphy's Law shit is the story of my life. I've just called and confirmed that yes, all of the labs will be closed on Christmas. As they should be. So I will probably have to wait until the following cycle.

It's ok, really. I do feel very rushed to get my results, but it's been over two years already. Another month won't hurt.


  1. OMGGGGG, that Murphy's Law/ Dr's office shit always happens to me too. It makes me want to rage the fuck out.

    You're the most patient person I know. it's an admirable trait. :)

  2. OK. Can I get a "woohoo" for a doctor who is FINALLY just going to the tests you want? And is being proactive? WOOHOO, woman. WOOHOO.

    And it sucks that you have to wait another month. Stupid Christmas. ;)

  3. This may be a truly dumb question, but is there any way you can get your blood drawn at the hospital on Christmas? Their lab is open. There may be a storage/transfer issue here, I don't know.

    1. That was actually a really good question that hadn't occurred to me! If I needed to, I was going to check to see if the company I need to use is located in any hospitals ... but luckily it ended up not being a problem. :)

    2. Yay! I'm sure it's annoying to not have things arrive right on schedule, but at least the lateness works in your favor. It's something clear, with a simple fix. I just know it.