Wednesday, January 2, 2013

new job

I've given myself a new full-time job.

All I have to do all day, every day, is work toward losing weight. If nothing else happens, whatever. I just need this weight gone.

It's easy enough to "forget" or simply push aside all of the evidence out there that points toward weight being a major impediment to not only getting pregnant, but maintaining pregnancy, and producing a healthy child. I've been re-reading Origins in an effort to psyche myself up for pregnancy since I'm hell bent on making it happen ASAP. Early on in the book, what do you think the author mentions?

Weight. Specifically that kids born to pregnant women with weight issues have a higher incidence of birth defects, and then to add insult to injury, they also often inherit their moms' weight problems. In a study of women who had one kid, then weight loss surgery, then another kid, the second kid was shown not to have inherited their mothers' weight issues. Insane stuff.

I've read it so many times and listened to a heartfelt 20-minute lecture from a fertility specialist about it. And as a result, I've lost 15 pounds. But I need to do that, oh, at least a couple more times.

It's amazing that even with such a massive motivation, I haven't been able to shed all the weight yet. I'm not punishing myself for it, but simply marveling at it. Losing weight is extremely difficult. Everything in my body wants to stay at the weight it is now. Working against that and various other roadblocks (holidays, family meals, eating out with friends, PMS, cravings) is a full-time job that requires vigilance.


  1. You should congratulate yourself for the weight you've already lost. That's a big deal. You have measurable evidence that your efforts are paying off.

    You're doing it, man. Keep up the good work. <3

  2. Weight loss is so hard, I know. When I was reading through your old posts, I remember you saying you eat a variety of beige and I can totally relate. Made me laugh. I wish there was something I could say to help motivate you, but I'm in the same chunky boat...