Wednesday, January 23, 2013

de blood

Well, it's been a couple weeks and a few doctor's visits, so here's my update:


My blood was tested for everything under the sun, and they came back with everything looking perfectly normal. Even progesterone (although on the low end of normal). While being good news, I was extremely disappointed. I wanted her to say, Oh! Your progesterone sucks. Here's a pill! All better now.

No such luck.

Next moves are:

- karyotype testing. This tells you if your chromosomes are jacked.
- another semen analysis.
- sonohysterogram. They inject saline into your lady parts and do an ultrasound. Sounds joyous.

Meanwhile I'm simultaneously having my heart re-checked and will also be having to wear a holter monitor for 24 hours (if you've never done this it is one of the most annoying things on the planet) and undergo an echocardiogram (an ultrasound of the heart) to establish that my heart is healthy enough for me to get pregnant in the first place. It is. We're just double checking.

If all that other shit comes back normal, and I have a sneaking feeling that it will ... the next move is probably something like Clomid and/or IUI. Ah, and I really need to try acupuncture. Been meaning to but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

I'm reaaallly hoping I can make something happen before that, but we'll see. I'm still taking my new "job" of losing weight seriously and have embarked on another juice cleanse -- I got pregnant shortly after I did this the first time. I do think weight loss will be the key for me, so I'm really not messing around right now. It's not easy, never has been and never will be. But it's so important, I can't ignore it anymore.


  1. I've been all strapped up in that heart monitor. Such a ridiculous endeavor. Oddly enough, the echocardiogram freaked me out a little bit. The heart looks paper thin and fragile on screen.

    But I'm healthy and happy now and hopefully you will be too! Good luck on your upcoming tests...

    1. I've done both and both kind of freaked me out at the time. Now I'm just like: Let's get this shit over with so I can have my clean bill of health and try to have me a baby.

  2. Hey! This blog is hilarious, and is something I would pen if I had the guts : ) I've been going through this process as well, so thanks for being so open. Here are some things I've tried:

    - I've been doing Acupuncture for the past 3 cycles and my cycles are now regulated, I have NO cramps and my bleeding is where it should be. The best part, though, is how relaxed it has made me. It's like going in for a 45 minute nap. You have someone to talk to about your fertility who is like a cheerleader and then you take a super relaxing snooze. Definitely do it, if not for fertility, then just for mental health. I go to a "community acupuncture" site, where it's about $15 a session. The only difference is that you are in a large room on a recliner with others, but the price differential is totally worth it.

    - I've also had a sonohysterogram. My advice is to take advill or some sort of pain killer before you get it done. IT can cause cramping and I think as a result of the cramping (and the fact that I freaked out during the procedure) I vomited all over the resident doing it, and then proceeded to pass out. They said NO ONE had ever done that before, so I would just advise taking some painkillers and laughing about some girl in cyberspace who puked on her doc during the procedure : )

    Best of luck! It sounds like things are on the up swing!

    1. Ok I am totally going to do acupuncture next cycle. I think the relaxation alone is worth it. I had the sonohysterogram today and thankfully my experience wasn't nearly so awful, although it's certainly uncomfortable. Glad that's over with!!