Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the two faces of crinone

I realized last week (shortly after I ranted about how I had no way of knowing whether I'd ovulated due to the lack of temperature spike) that my temps were at least showing a rise in progesterone, however meager. So I started the crinone gel.

And hooo boy. That stuff isn't messing around.

First side effect I noticed: nausea. Then headaches, cramping, and major fatigue. Then, on my second full day of it, HOLY RAGE MONSTERS.

There's a bit of moodiness involved with the taking of this particular hormone, apparently. I will cry at anything. Anything. It's annoying. It can sneak up all surprise-like, which is extra annoying. It's frustrating because I know how I feel about things, and I don't feel like crying, but my body reacts involuntarily with grief, and then I'm in a puddle on the floor.


Anyway, the moodiness popped up after my last acupuncture appointment, which went well this time. I was so deliciously warm.


Brace yourself for hippie madness.

I did not voluntarily imagine this, but it came into my mind like a vision. It is what it is. Hallucinations of a progesterone-addled mind, perhaps.

I saw a version of myself, nude, standing in the sand with a white-hot sun beating down on me. Icky creatures were crawling around my feet but I felt some sort of calm immunity from them. My hair was wild like it gets when you swim in the ocean and then dries all Medusa-like. I was holding an infant. A boy.

It just is what it is. I take it how I want to, which is as a transmission of hope.

Then I felt a surge of a need for action. A number of issues in my life rose to mind. I sensed I was stagnating on several fronts and needed to begin working much harder to move forward. K says my yang is stuck, and maybe it's stuck in more ways than one. In any case, I was inspired.

K said my pulse was stronger, which is a good sign. She advised me to continue to avoiding carbs, which I mostly failed at over the weekend but have revitalized my efforts this week. And she advised staying hydrated due to certain intestinal side effects of the progesterone.

I'm officially out of "gather vitality" herbs and still taking "jade moon phase 4," or worcestershire sauce as I like to call it.

And, in very good news, my temperatures look much better than they have in several cycles. They are actually above the cover line in the second half of my cycle. This is likely due to the crinone gel, which is why I'm happy to continue taking it, crazy-making though it is.


  1. Hormones are a powerful force. They amaze me.

  2. This is awesome. Whatever the reason, whatever the science, do what makes your mind and body feel good. I think the vision is a great omen!

    1. I hope so! haha... reading that back I'm like: Who do I think I am? Some earth mother goddess? I am super obnoxious, but oh well.

  3. Use the vision as your inspiration! I am hopeful for you and your TTC discoveries!! <3

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  5. It's been about 6 weeks since this post...any updates? More visions? Good rage stories?

  6. Hey lady:) Any updates? I never did acupuncture. I was on my way to the appt and was running late and they turned me away and I haven't re-booked another session yet. It's on my list of things to do though. I'm starting clomid in a couple months maybe. I'm a little hesitant, but I think I'll do it if in a couple more cycles I'm not knocked up.