Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have now been off everything for three weeks. No hormones. No supplements. No herbs. I feel a TON better. No break through bleeding. No stomach problems. No emotional roller coaster. Oh, and no ovulation.

That's right, according to my trusty little pee sticks, my eggs have taken a hiatus. It is now day 21 and no double line has appeared.

So, what to do now?

I'm not really sure.

I think I need to start adding stuff back in.

With my next cycle, along with the new and improved "healthy living" initiative, I am going to restart with the hormone therapy. I am starting with that instead of the supplements since I know that didn't make me sick. I was on it for a year before I started the supplements, and never had problems. Of course, during that year I also didn't get pregnant, so I don't know if it was having an impact on my ovulation. In the next month I will track it and, if I begin ovulating again, stick with the hormones and flush the supplements.

If I don't? I will try a month on the supplements and see what happens.

My hope is that one or the other was causing ovulation, and that it was just the combo of both that caused the problems. I am hoping the combo wasn't responsible for both the good and the bad, because really, the bad was too bad to even think about the good.

I am hoping there is a simple solution to all of this that I am just overlooking.

I am hoping that I find that solution before all my hope, and patience, are gone.

Annnnnd, breathe.


  1. ya know, being a woman is not easy. in the past TWO months, I will have had TEN doctors appointments, a mammogram, a sonogram, a biopsy, a urodynamic test (loads of fun that one), and a hysterectomy. it will all turn out, but I am telling you...this uterus is not an easy ally at times! Hang in there, hugs!!!!

  2. I really, REALLY hope the hormone therapy works. I'm sending magic ovulation, baby conception vibes to your meds.

  3. Keep testing. You could just be adjusting to the hormonal change. I O'd on CD 21 this month, so you never know. Honestly - unless you're MEGA impatient (which I would totally understand) I would give it one more cycle without hormones- just to give your body time to adjust and see what it does. But I totally get it if you don't feel like waiting. Still, I think that's what I would do.

  4. I am sending good baby making vibes your way, too. It's not such a surprise that your soon to be baby may be a stubborn one, he or she is just taking after it's Momma. ;)

  5. This is going to sound ridiculously cheesy, but I don't care. I'm sending you a hug through the internet. There, I said it.