Wednesday, February 22, 2012

That whole setting myself up for disappointment thing

Well, it didn't happen this cycle, even though I had some kind of ridiculous faith that it would. It's a tad bit worrisome. People who miscarry are most fertile in the three months following a miscarriage, and I'm on month 4. Yarrrrgggggh.

By the way, Drew Barrymore is pregnant. You're welcome. Also, so is every-fucking-body else, and their best friends and their dogs and cats.

Pregnancy's for the birds, anyway, don't you think? I've been hearing tons of pregnancy horror stories lately. I heard three late-term miscarriage (technically stillbirths I guess) stories recently. I mean, these are people who know people that I know. The degree of separation is much too small for my comfort. 

You want to think that if you can just make it through the first trimester unscathed, you're good. But that's not necessarily the case. Which is terrifying.

Anyway, there are good stories out there, too. Really good stories that aren't necessarily mine to tell, but fall within the miracle realm. Those kinds of stories make me really happy. They make me want to keep trying.


  1. I'm sorry. Sigh. I'm on month two after miscarriage. And I had two positive POAS. The last was last night. Then today I get my period. Seriously? WTF?

    I do not understand my lady parts. Is there some place where I can exchange them? Send them to rehab?

  2. Lisa - let me know when you find that place. I have a few parts I'd love to toss in a dumpster somewhere.

  3. I'm with Lisa. I want to exchange my uterus for something else -- like a blender.

  4. Lisa: WTF is that all about? Gahhhh. Chemical pregnancies, likely. That would make me insane. I'll let you know as soon as I'm informed about the New Uterus store.

    Tilte - :)

    Libby - omagaw it would be awesome if upon determining our lady parts are useless, we could exchange them for home goods. Or, like, a new car.