Wednesday, June 13, 2012


For those (most, if not all) commenters who suggested I make the appointment with a fertility specialist immediately, I must explain something. We have probably not met, or else you perhaps do not know me well because if you did, you would know I live in 1) a perpetual state of denial and 2) a perpetual state of procrastination. So making the appointment before my period started was simply impossible. I'm not saying I did the right thing; I'm just explaining my neuroses.

So what happened was I started my period late Thursday night. Friday I went on a camping trip (which: what could be better? Camping while on your period? Obviously good times). Saturday I came home. Sunday I recovered from not sleeping on the camping trip. Monday I sorted out my insurance questions. Tuesday I scheduled a "new patient consultation" at a local clinic. The appointment is two weeks out, on the 26th.

Which leaves us at today: Wednesday.

I think we should play a game called "What's Your Damage?" We should guess what my problem is (if we are so inclined). For those who are familiar with symptoms/temperatures/fertility monitors, it might be fun. So here's my list of "ailments."

- been trying 2 years, with 1 miscarriage.
- 33 years old
- overweight
- fertility monitor says I ovulate
- basal temps suggest I do not ovulate, and there's no rise in temp in the second half of the cycle.
- cycles range from 24 to 32 days
- periods are not debilitating -- crampy first two days, then fine.
- no family history of infertility
- husband's sperm has been checked and is fine

So, whatcha think? I think high possibilities are progesterone deficiency and/or PCOS. Worst-case nightmare material = I am out of eggs/eggs are not viable.

Questions? Thoughts?


  1. Erin, Erin, Erin... does this clinic know what day of your cycle this appointment is on? I guess they do, and they're just going to get you for another fee, when they have you come back on an actual cycle day for blood work and ultrasound.

    If your insurance covers this, AWESOME. If you're paying out of pocket, please see if you can find out if they're going to charge you for two visits, and if so, try to combine them into just one. I'm cheap. Sue me.

    I'm predicting a little bit of PCOC, nothing that some clomid won't fix. Cheap and easy, that's what I wish for you.

    And any extra babies you make... I'll take. Thanks.

    1. Well I guess this place has certain procedures. Their first meeting is just a sit-down and discussion of medical history and current issues to figure out what might be going on so they can decide how best to proceed from there. They're figuring out insurance info for me right now to see what's covered. Frankly, I'll pay whatever I have to pay at this point!

    2. It is a long-ass process. Be patient. It'll be a lot of appointments, a lot of poking and prodding but they'll get you some answers. I don't know what you have but I am going to bet that by Christmas you are pregnant. Fingers crossed!

    3. I'm ready to be patient. I've waited this long! Pregnant by Christmas would be rad ...

  2. PCOS. Dear g-d, I can't even imagine what PCOC would be.

    1. Better than PCOCK, I imagine. ;)

    2. If PCOCK would get me a baby, I'd take it. :D)

  3. I would take a baby OR a peacock at this point.

    Since we already know you're able to GET pregnant, I bet it's the progesterone that was acting a fool. I got $5 on progesterone. :)

  4. I'm putting my money on PCOS honestly, I don't really believe in progesterone issues (I know, most forums will be shocked by such a statement!). I believe in no or poor ovulation in your case. I spent ages being concerned about my shortish LP but it turned out that what's keeping me from getting pregnant (and causing them to turn out ectopic when I do) is endometriosis in my tubes, progesterone had nothing to do with it.


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