Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Things I needed to hear

We had our consultation with the fertility specialist, Dr. A, and we really liked him. I went in to the meeting feeling irritable and left feeling hopeful. So that's definitely something.

And that's despite the fact that he spent at least 20 minutes talking about how I need to lose weight. He said it in the nicest way possible, really. And it's not like it was surprising news. I'd been planning to ask Dr. A about how my weight might be affecting my fertility, in case he was one of these docs who's too embarrassed to discuss it. Turns out, he's not.

He pointed out that weighing too much can result in higher miscarriage rates and make it much more difficult to become pregnant in the first place. He said losing weight would double my chances of conception. So really, I have no excuse now. None.

Other highlights:

- I'll be having a number of tests run. They include: a physical, a heart check-up (I have an arrhythmia and enlarged heart valve), a bunch of blood tests to check hormone levels and for STDs, at least one ultrasound to check endometrial thickness, and probably a hysterosalpingogram and a hysterosonogram (which: yikes).

- My husband will donate more sperm to the cause even though we finally found out his motility and count are way above normal -- information my gynecologist mysteriously refused to tell us.

- Dr. A suspects PCOS. He says treatment would likely be metformin and clomiphene.

- Dr. A emphasizes eating of whole foods (not packaged), getting plenty of sleep, exercise, keeping caffeine and alcohol consumption fairly low, and limiting toxic exposure to stuff like pesticides, solvents, beauty salon crap, etc.

- Dr. A has freed me from lying around in bed, waiting for sperm to magically swim to the right place. For that matter, he's freed me from the missionary position. BAM!

-  Sex should be happening every 1.5 to 2.5 days mid-cycle. He says every day is fine, but he refrains from telling people that because he's worried they'll get divorced. Ha!

Finally, Dr. A says my "chances are excellent." I know we haven't run any tests yet, but I feel relieved and hopeful, nonetheless.


  1. I'm glad you liked your doctor. That's important. When are the tests scheduled to start?

    I'm excited for you to continue with testing. Metformin and clomid=easy.

    Only thing I didn't like about what you're about to go through is the HSG. But I am the only person I know who hated it. Go figure.

    1. I've got a physical next week, and likely some blood tests will begin then as well.

      I'm not exactly excited about the HSG but who knows? Maybe it'll clear out some gunk and help me get knocked up.

  2. YIPEE!!! So happy and relieved for you and glad you are feeling hopeful again!!!

  3. Sounds all good. I am glad that you liked the doctor, that can be a very important part.

  4. Yay! This is a fantastic start!
    We should start a reluctant dieters club or something. :-P