Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Get on it

There are no changes since last week.

Temps are still too low. Ovulation is unlikely to have occurred. Aunt Flo should arrive shortly.

And my plan to wait until July has been booted out the window.

Because I'm making an appointment with a fertility specialist as soon as I get my period.

And I'm nervous as hell about it. 


  1. Don't be nervous! This is a step forward, so you can help figure out what's not going on down there. Who doesn't want to spread their legs for yet another doctor?

    My advice... make the appointment NOW. This way they can choose what day of your cycle they want to see you on; and they should choose a specific day for testing, wanding, etc.

    Go on, make the appointment, I'll wait.

  2. Agreed on making the appointment now. Sometimes they want to schedule it around a very specific day of your schedule. Don't be nervous until you have to drop the serious cash on making things happen. I have a good feeling you won't even get to that point. :) Lots of good vibes heading your way!

  3. I agree on calling now. The sooner you get the ball rolling and move on to the next step, the better (I hope) you'll feel.

  4. Answers are always better than the unknown. It will all be fine. Just remember, don't do anything you don't want to do. And if you don't feel all your questions are being answered demand more tests. You need ALL the information possible.

  5. Yes! These women are all right! I totally forgot to tell you about the exams during certain parts of your cycle. Because going to a new doctor and having him check out your lady business isn't bad enough, you want to make sure you're AFing all over the place too. : /