Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pregnancy Tests

I used to go months and months and months without taking a pregnancy test. They weren’t even a staple in my home. On the rare occasion I peed on a stick, it was kind of a big deal, like I really thought I was pregnant.

Back then, I didn’t mind waiting an extra few days or even a week and just wondering if I might be “expecting.” I would keep my suspicion to myself for a day or two (OK, more like 4 hours), then I would tell my husband and best friend. The suspense was exciting.

In fact, I didn’t understand when my friends would tell me they would test every month, sometimes every day until the result was positive or they got their period. I liked letting my imagination run wild. I liked thinking about telling my parents the good news and making big announcements to family and friends. It was fun.

Well, let me just say, those days are done. I no longer take a pregnancy test because I think I’m pregnant. I don’t bother getting John’s hopes up either. Now, I take a pregnancy test as a way of clearing up brain space so I don’t accidentally calculate possible due dates.

By the way, today (Wednesday) is Day 32, I’ve been spotting since last Tuesday and I spent $17 at Walgreens to confirm what I already knew. I am not pregnant. (This sounds a whole lot whinier than I actually feel.)

I think I’m going to start buying these things on Amazon. Let me know if you have a favorite source.

In other news, a few weeks ago I said I would start exercising in May. May is only a few days away and I still need to figure out a plan – a doable, painless plan. (Again, I’m open to suggestions.)

In the meantime, I’m sending lots of love to you and your ovaries. xoxo!


  1. I am so sorry you have to go through this pain. I love you!


    you can buy stacks of them on the cheap! STACK AND STACKS!!! *twitchy eye*

    I got 15 OPKs and 7 pregnancy tests for 15 bucks I think.

  3. I wonder if we'll get different results if I take the test.

  4. C~ They are a dollar a piece at the dollar store. That way you're not throwing away money. I used to buy the whole box of 10. They have always worked just fine for me and showed the correct result. Let me know if you want me to pick some up for you. XOXOXO

  5. I've heard the dollar store ones are reliable. For some reason, during my three years, I never got them there. Wish I had. Maybe I could have saved enough money for another round of IVF? HA HA HA.

    As far as exercise... do you have a treadmill?

  6. yep, i always bought mine at the dollar store and they were always right on.

  7. Lisa, yes, I do have a treadmill, but it goes unused. And I refuse to run. Suggestions?

  8. Would you like to walk the LG Trail with me and the girls? Text me!

  9. Christina, I despise exercise by myself. I would suggest an exercise buddy. Once I'm out there whatever form of exercise, I love it.

    Afterward the endorphins are awesome as well as the satisfaction of exercising. Love you!

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