Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am having to work through a lot of feelings while reading this book and starting on this program. Most of those feelings have to do with the fact I feel every fertility expert I have ever dealt with flat out lied to me, and just did what they wanted, not taking what could actually be wrong with me into account.

In "Making Babies" there are more than six pages of questions your doctor should know the answers to before they start treating you. My initial interview with my doctor lasted about 10 minutes, and only a handful of questions, only about my menstrual history, not my lifestyle or overall health were asked. He didn't ask any questions of my husband once he looked as his lab results and saw his sperm count was good. I told myself it was because he had been doing this for so long he probably could just look at us and know what to do. However, reading this book, I feel he just saw us as two more items on an assembly line. If what had worked for others didn't work for us, it didn't matter, because he got paid anyway.

Every month I would ask my doctor if I could have PCOS. Every month he would tell me that was likely with my history, but that he really couldn't tell since I was on medication to stimulate my ovaries. I asked him about putting me on Metformin, which is recommended for women with PCOS. He said no. I asked about progesterone during my luteal phase. He said my luteal phase was long enough that I shouldn't need it. When I asked about acupuncture he just shrugged and said it was "my money."

A year and a half after I stopped the fertility treatments I went to see a naturopath, feeling like my hormones still weren't back to normal. With two blood tests she diagnosed my PCOS and put me on Metformin. Now, I read in this book that despite the fact I have a "normal" luteal phase that doesn't mean a lot, and that tests should be done to make sure my uterine lining is not just there, but good enough to support an embryo. Oh, and if it isn't? I should go on progesterone. I won't even go into the benefits of acupuncture pointed out in this book, since I am sure all three of us will go into the prickly details later.

I am sure that the fertility doctor I saw is beloved by some. Me? I am ready to show him just how crappy he is. Maybe then I won't feel so angry.


  1. Doctor's make me crazy, and that is about the nicest thing I can say. I can only imagine if they were holding the "baby carrot" under your nose and not telling you everything, or not testing for everything, how frustrating it would be.

    Maybe after you all end up knocked up, you should go to him and give him a swift kick?

  2. This is exactly why I feel I need to explore all "natural" avenues before seeking help from doctors. I've only ever been disappointed by them and their complete lack of interest and borderline neglect.

  3. Libby, I get mad just reading your story. Of course you are angry!

  4. I sympathize. I finally resolved to educate myself completely and luckily I have found a doctor who at least listens and lets me experiment...although that too is problematic sometimes:)

  5. what is this book called again?

  6. Hi Leslie, the book is called "Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertiliy."