Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Starting Out

I expect to fully be following the "Making Babies" plan by the end of April.

I know, I know, no time like the present. I should be jumping right in, taking the bull by the horns, seizing the day, not letting moss grow under my feet, catching the worm, and other maxims that look great on samplers and in Robin Williams movies. Unfortunately, I am not that kind of person. I am a frog.

Oh, come on, you all know the story about the frog. You put one in a pot of boiling water and it jumps right out. However, if you put it in cool water, and then slowly up the temperature, it doesn't even notice that it's getting cooked. I am a frog. If I try to implement all of these changes at once, I will go running to the nearest 7-11 for Twinkies, a 40 ounce and spermicide. However, if I make the changes gradually, letting my life adjust to each one before moving on, I just might end up cooked.

You all know that by cooked I mean pregnant, right?

I am starting out with my diet. Slowly I am introducing things I should be eating, and taking out the things I shouldn't. I'm still doing whole grains half-assed, but I have given up my daily refined flour bagel with "creme cheeze." I am cutting down on the diet soda, and on the wine, hoping that will make it easier to quit both completely later on. Oh, and I am eating vegetables AND fruit. Not in cocktails either, like as vegetables and fruit. I know, it's weird, and seems totally unnatural. Oh, and I am still letting myself lapse, having pasta, or pizza with nothing but cheese when I want it. I'm easing in, letting myself know that it will all be okay, and getting used to the changes one by one. And I'm not jumping out of the pot.
After this I plan tackle the acupuncture, the exercise, the supplements, and all the things I'll to do to "get to know" my cervix.

I might need until mid-May...


  1. Frogs DO have lovely legs, dahhhling.

  2. First of all, what the hell with your messed up proverbs, Utah?

    I kind of lean toward drastic changes, myself. I don't do moderation well. If I did I probably would have no need for dieting in the first place.

    I don't know which would be a more terrible fate-- being poked by dozens of sharp needles or giving up pasta.

  3. Hee hee ... April will be here soon! Christina and I picked up some supplements yesterday and it's definitely a little overwhelming, seeing them sitting on the kitchen counter all together. It's a full-time job, this trying-to-conceive stuff!

  4. I'm impressed with your determination and preparedness.

  5. Oh good luck! Although I was never able to change my diet until the test was positive - so my kids all had a steady stream of Diet Mountain Dew and Chateau Franzia until 4 weeks in utero.

    They SEEM OK. Usually.

  6. Libby, I think I'm a frog, too! I love this image! Here's to getting cooked!