Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not Getting the Picture

One of the key components of the "Making Babies" program is visualization. During each phase of my cycle I am supposed to visualize what is going on inside of me. I am supposed to see the eggs ripening, and the lining of my uterus thickening. I am supposed to see the egg fertilizing and making a comfy nest in my womb. I am supposed to see my body welcoming a new life force and nurturing it.

Yeah, I don't see any of that.

It's not that I don't want to see it, I really do. I would love to mentally will myself into getting pregnant. It isn't that I haven't tried it either. Every time I do try it though, my mind wanders. I start trying to picture the eggs forming, and then all of a sudden I wonder if I am picturing my ovaries correctly. Maybe I'm focusing on the wrong one. Maybe what I am picturing is not an ovary at all but my gall bladder. I don't want things growing in my gall bladder, then I wold have to have surgery. What if it's an alien growing in my gall bladder? Oh, I really should put "Aliens" on our Netflix cue. Or do we still have the DVD? No, I think we loaned that to someone and lost it. Who stole our copy of "Aliens?"

See? Lost cause.

Also, I always wonder how long I am supposed to visualize. Is 30 seconds enough? Do I need to do a full half hour? Is it something I need to check in with periodically all day? I need parameters to know when the visualizing is enough to knock me up, but not enough to bring about multiple births.

Oh, and did I mention that the visualizing is supposed to be relaxing? Yeah, it's a key component of the "de-stressing" part of MB. You know, because there really is nothing stressful about trying to have a baby, or following a program with a million parts, and powders, and pills, and diet changes.

If only the visualization came in pill form. I could just add it to the others.

I can picture it now.


  1. not pill form.....but ipod form. circle and bloom has a great meditation set. I use it off and on before bed. It is a little hippy (and for me that is saying something) but it relaxes me and guides your visualization. I always wonder though, is this really helping?? I helps me relax, at least.

  2. Hmmm...I bet the writers hadn't done this whole visulization thing with an almost two year old around.

  3. My own attempts at visualization were very short-lived, but I'm liking the idea of an app for the iphone that can guide me. Even if the visualization isn't working, I think meditation will be beneficial.

  4. Oh dear. I completely skipped that section. But I'm pretty sure thinking about visualizing is as good as visualizing, so you're covered.

  5. "If only the visualization came in pill form. I could just add it to the others."

    Hilarious! And lady, oh lady, do I feel your pain.