Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Tired Part of Being Tired & Stuck

I’m adding sleep to my to-do list. I never realized how tired I actually am until I started reading Making Babies. This may be in part because I was running on caffeine. I also don’t consider myself to be low-energy. Actually, I was surprised when “Tired” came up as my numero uno fertility type – until I read the description.  

“Tired people are a bit like flat tires. The deflation is not a permanent condition, but as long as they are out of air, they just can’t be their usual selves. Tired people are, above all, tired. “ ~Making Babies

Other key qualities of a tired person may include:
·         Comfortable in the role of coach potato
·         Often feels cold, especially their hands and feet
·         Often has dark circles under their eyes
·         Has trouble concentrating and little motivation
·         Digestive complaints
·         Puts on weight easily, especially under stress
·         Long cycles, late ovulation and spotting

Check. Check. Check. I hadn’t read the book since we first started this journey, and I feel like I’m seeing this information with new eyes. And it’s giving me a new motivation.

Not only is being Tired a hindrance to healthy conception, frankly, it’s no way to live. In fact, it would be really great to fix this tired thing before becoming a mom. The way I hear it, once that happens, you’re destined to be exhausted for the rest of your life.


  1. Not that I've read the book or anything, but just reading the short description you gave, I think I'd be thrown in the "tired" category with you, too. You & me in the same category???? WHY AM I NOT AT ALL SURPRISED????? :)

  2. I keep thinking I must be a different "type" since none of the stuff I've tried yet is working. But every time I take the quiz, yup -- tired and stuck. Just had another friend tell me she's tired and stuck, too. Quite the club we've started!

  3. I seriously wonder who in America gets enough sleep. I know no one who gets enough sleep. I think it's all a big lie to make us all feel bad.

  4. I think those who sleep well are babies and adults who have Nyquil nightcaps.

  5. How do you fix the tired part??? Any tips the book offered?