Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Damn Cat

My basal body temperature taking is not going well, and it is all because of my cat.

You see, in order to get an accurate temperature you have to have three hours of uninterrupted sleep. That means no getting up to pee, no turning off your alarm clock, and definitely no climbing under your bed to reach out your meowing cat and throw his ass outside.

It isn't until I am slamming the door behind him, wondering how I can break into a sweat so quickly, and with so little effort, that I realize I should have taken my temperature before undertaking the endeavor.

I've tried locking him outside for the night, hoping that would do the trick, but he still finds ways to wake me up, usually starting a fight with another cat. Jumping out of bed and running into the backyard to throw a panful of water on two snarling felines definitely counts against "moving" in the basal body temp game.

I am thinking I am going to start setting an alarm. I am usually in bed by ten, so if I set it for two I should get the three hours. Then I could definitely get an accurate reading. Of course, there is the fact that I will be setting an alarm for 2am, in a bedroom I share with my husband. So, he might have something to say about it. And there is the fact that at 2am I am more likely to throw the thermometer out the window than stick it in my mouth.

This is why I like the pee sticks so much more... Totally cat proof.


  1. I say if you can't do it without torturing yourself, it ain't worth it! If you can manage to place the thermometer on top of your alarm clock button so that it's the first thing you touch in the mornings, that might work ... It's definitely not easy. I struggled with it for a while.

  2. Awww..... :-( beware of homocidal sleep deprived husbands and evil cats! But alas, it does seem like you have no other choice.

  3. :) This is so funny!! I set my alarm for 5ish. I have noticed though that sometimes I only get 2.5 uninterrupted hours and it still seemed correct...as long as it was the heavy, drooly sleep.