Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's The Temperature, Kenneth?

I am going to admit something shocking.

I have never tracked my basal body temperature.

I know. I know. I should be kicked out of the infertility club immediately.

It isn't that I haven't tried. I have bought numerous thermometers, and dutifully placed them by the side of the bed. Then I have awoken the next morning and walked right past them, only to remember with a "damn" once I was already in the shower.

Also, the whole thing just seems so ripe for misreadings. The fact that you are supposed to have slept just enough, but not too much; or else you have to do algebra to figure out what your actual temperature is has always been off putting. Does moving my leg out from under the covers mean I'm going to get the wrong reading? What about reaching out to grab the thermometer?

Truth be told, I don't see what my temperature will tell me that hasn't already been told to me by years of being poked, prodded, scoped, wanded, bled, and battered. It could tell me when my husband and I should being "doing it" (technical term), but the OPKs already tell us that, and, really, we keep our bases pretty well covered, if you know what I mean.

I am trying it again though, at the behest of my acupuncturist. She seems to think there is something in there that will help her know where to put the needles. I just hope she doesn't mind when the temperature is "damn" for a couple of the days.

If only they made a basal body thermometer that only worked in the shower....


  1. LOL. I have never been able to do the BBT thing either. I'm a POAS kind of gal. How about hanging a huge sign above your bed? Maybe?

  2. For me the true test of BBT is going to be when they find out if I have a progesterone deficiency. If my BBT charts are any indication, that is what the problem SHOULD be. But we will see.

  3. Unless you can have coffee before you take your temperature, I'd be so screwed.

  4. I finally had to set my alarm for 5:30...I wake up, take it, and go back to bed for an hour. It works and the pattern is pretty obvious even with the random happenings in such data. After about 6 months, I can get away with only taking it every 3 or 4 days until CD 14 through CD 24. I sound so ridiculous:)