Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Pills

I'm trying the supplements again.

Not all of them, and not all at once. Been there, done there, still have the hospital bracelet to prove it. Oh, and the herbs are totally out. I tried taking them twice and both times my stomach threatened to leave my body, take my pancreas with it, and not leave a forwarding address.

So far I have started taking the prenatal vitamins and fish oil again, but not at the same time, with no real problems as long as I take them with food. If I don't? I get queasy and burp sushi all day. Not fun. Still, even that is a lot better than my previous experience.

I have also started taking a supplement that wasn't even on my radar before, but was recommended by my acupuncturist: CoQ10. It's an antioxidant that is supposed to be good for blood flow, especially in the pelvic region. It's in the book, but I didn't remember it. Out of all the things I underlined and starred and put on lists in the book, CoQ10 was completely overlooked. My acupuncturist says it could have a "clearing effect" like the herbs were supposed to, but is gentler and doesn't have me retching. That's always a good thing.

In addition to the hormones I was taking before, and the metformin, I am now on five pills a day to try and get me pregnant. That's down from the 13 I was taking before, not including the herbs, or the teas. It still seems like a lot to most, and still requires me to carry a pill tracker (yay, old lady supplies!) but it feels much better to me. My stomach feels a lot better to me.

I guess we'll just see how it goes from here.


  1. Do you have a love-hate relationship with your metformin? I do. I gain wait like a... (insert foul-word here) if I don't take it. If I do, my stomach is torn up ALL THE TIME. I can't win.

  2. Those prenatal vitamins make me want to hurl too. Ugh. Even thinking about it now makes me queasy.

    Good luck with your new regimen.

  3. I actually took CoQ10 for a while to help lower blood pressure. I think it worked ... problem is my blood pressure is always fine at the OB and high at the GP. Anyway, it's supposed to be a great supplement, and I hope it works for you!

  4. There are burpless fish oil's.... or I heard freezing them helps. Cuz that's way awful.

  5. Five from 13 is a good start. I've got a pill tracker app on my phone, and yep - it does give a bit of a "grandma" feeling doesn't it? Ahh well.