Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is Diet Pepsi Keeping Me Barren?

I have a love/hate relationship with Diet Pepsi. By that I mean I love it, and I hate it when anyone suggests we should part ways. Despite that, about once a year I try to stop. The reasons are usually the same: Aspartame causes cancer and all kids of health problems, giving it up will help me lose weight, or it's a bad habit for my daughter to emulate.

I usually last about 24 hours before I go crawling back.

I tell myself that lots of things cause cancer, that I only drink two day and there are lots of other things I can do to lose weight, and that it's not like I'm smoking it in front of Meg.

This time though? I've been off it four days and counting. The reason? Aspartame totally messes with your pH balance.

As anyone familiar with the MB program knows, getting the pH balance right in your body is the holy grail. Practically everything that is done with diet and supplements is about making the body not too acidic -- yet I have been sabotaging that every day just because I can't leave my fizzy lover behind.

The body's basic pH is 7.0-7.3. That's when it is firing on all cylinders. Aspartame's pH? 1.5. I have been pouring acid into my body while trying to make it perform a function (reproduction) that needs balance. According to the Aspartame experts in order to rebalance the body after the acid in one 12 ounce can of diet soda, a person has to drink 256 ounces of water. I would drink two Diet Pepsis in a day -- on an average. And I know I was not drinking 512 ounces of water. I know that because I don't have a hump and camel breath.

So, I'm off it. I actually haven't even been tempted by it this time. I think because if this is the thing that is keeping me from getting pregnant, I'm really pissed at myself. I mean, we were spending thousands of dollars every month on fertility treatments, and I may have been voiding them because there was a Pepsi machine in the lobby. Yeah, I know that probably wasn't the only reason, and that one little thing like that doesn't make all the difference.

But what if it does? That's all I can keeping thinking about.

Of course, now I think about things like that with a cup of tea in my hand.


  1. That is a lot of H2O.

    I usually can get myself to about 48 to 64oz of water a day. I carry my thermal, plastic, straw cup wherever I go. Drag a bag of ice with me to work every Monday so I can keep it nice and cold.

  2. You are hard core going cold turkey. I had to step down gradually when I did it.

    Of course, I supplemented with coffee, so I'm still caffeine addicted. But now soda is a "treat".

  3. Hello! I am new to the mb program still working my way through it all. I have also began to wonder if something simple as drinking coffee has kept me from getting pregnant. A few years ago I had a love affair with diet coke. We have since parted ways, but get together occasionally. These days I am having a hard time switching from coffee to tea. I went 4 days without coffee and scared my friends and family! Any tips on how to make the transition to tea from diet pepsi?

  4. This is apropos of nothing, but my sister-in-law who lives in Japan with my brother is trying to change her diet and eat herbs and whatnot so her body will be receptive to creating a male child. Is this slightly nuts or have you heard of such a thing?

    I thought it sounded like the usual Japanese sexism at play ... blame the woman for something the man determines. Ha.

  5. Amy -- I am finding the best thing is to drink tea the way I drank Pepsi -- cold and in the morning. Also, I am making ti so I just can't get it, I don't carry change, and I avoid putting it in the fridge.

    Mandy -- the only thing I have heard about determinig the gender is timing intercourse. So, yeah, it's probably weird japanese stuff.

  6. Quitting soda was one of the hardest things I did but I've been off for about seven months now. I do treat myself now and then if I'm out to eat. I have to address what Mandy said -- so I'm not sure if herbs can influence the sex of the child but I have heard that women who eat a lot of cereal are statistically more apt to have male children. I don't remember why this is. But most of the information about how to influence whether you have a male or female child revolves around the sperm -- male sperm don't live as long so it's believed that the closer sex takes place to ovulation, the more likely the outcome will be a male child. But who knows.

  7. I used to squeeze lemon juice in mine hoping it would offset it. Doubtful it helped. (Lemon juice is acidic but once the body metabolizes it, it is alkaline...so it lowers the bodies acidity).

  8. Congrats! That is a huge accomplishment. I have the same issue with Coke Zero. I actually managed to kick it for two whole weeks once. But then it all came crashing down during one all-night editing session.
    Keep at it! And stay away from all-nighters in the next few weeks. :-)

  9. HOw do you check your personal acidity? I suppose it involves urinating on something- can you use those pH test strips you get at pharmacies?

  10. I have no clue how to actually check it, I'm kind of just flying blind and assuming I am too acidic because I am not getting pregnant.

  11. You are awesome - it's sooo hard to give up something you love and something so good. :) Your analysis about the acidity/pH is neat.